Event Services

You can rest assured that your event day will be stress free with our Bolder Events team on site to handle all the details. In addition to a dedicated Event Manger, we will provide a team of friendly, knowledgeable, customer service oriented staff to completely run guest registration and check out for you in an efficient and professional manner.


Our team typically arrives 2 hours before your guests arrive to get the registration area set up before your guests arrive. We provide the following equipment:

  • State of the art laptops and printers, complete with all necessary surge protectors and power cords
  • Numeric file boxes for sorting collateral such as programs, bid paddles, nametags, etc. to be handed out to your guests
  • Basic office supplies such as paper staplers, tape, rulers, labels, band aids etc. to meet any need or emergency that may come up during the event.
  • Wireless router and/or MIFI hotspot if needed
  • A back-up system for manual check -out should power or internet go down at the event

For mobile bidding events we also provide

  • 1 tablet or iPad for every 100 bidders
  • a Concierge bidding station complete with phone charging station to accommodate all types of Smartphones
  • bright green aprons worn by our staff to be overly visible to all guests

We will capture credit card information from your guests upon arrival so check out will be a breeze at the end of the night. We will also collect contact information for new supporters of your organization so you will be able to communicate with them for years to come!

Sales Recording

The Bolder Events team will manage all aspects of your event to insure all sales are recorded into the auction database accurately and efficiently.

Silent Auction

  • Our team will work together with your MC to insure announcements are being made in a timely basis to communicate closing times to your guests. We will pull all bid sheets quickly and efficiently and enter all winning bids into the auction database. Should you decide to use electronic bidding instead of paper bidding, our staff will function as bidding assistants to insure your guests are bidding with ease! We will send texts and emails to your guests throughout the event to encourage bidding. Our staff will roam with iPads throughout your auction area to answer questions and facilitate bidding.

Fixed Price, Buy a Share and Other Sales

  • We know that in addition to a silent auction, you will be offering other sale opportunities throughout the evening to maximize event revenues. Whether you are planning a Wine Pull, Heads or Tails game, Buy a Share Parties or any variation of these, Your Event Manager will discuss every detail of the sales process to insure success. We will provide recording sheets, training for the volunteers running these stations and will enter all bids into the auction database.

Live Auction

  • During the live auction you can sit back and enjoy the show. Our team will record the live auction and paddle raise and enter all winning bids quickly and efficiently.


We know that last impressions are lasting impressions. With the Bolder Events team on hand, check out will be quick and efficient. We will pre-print receipts so guests do not have to wait in a long check-out line. Your guests will be able to pick up their receipts and their auction items and be on their way in no time. Should they want to change their form of payment or make any type of special accommodations – our team will be on hand to handle their request in a friendly, yet professional manner.